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Palace of Dreams

    South Molton’s cinema, The Savoy, stopped showing films in the 1970s, and after a long period of dereliction was finally totally demolished some twenty years ago.  The site lay bare for ten years before houses were built on it. The Savoy   Just here it was I’m sure a cinema palace of dreams I cannot see now a name from romance where people like us were transported elsewhere exotic exciting real fears tears and laughs white-toothed good-lookers smooth shaven and smart inaccessible beauties to capture your heart jerky cartoons news from abroad with fanfares and announcements from voices assured local advertisements both shaky and still hands held in the dark giggling children nights to look forward to Saturday mornings meet on the steps holding your money queuing to see something we won’t see again I know it was here though there’s nothing to show where the frames told the future what was coming tonight and t