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Strange, Stranger, Strangest

      Strange, Stranger, Strangest... Here's a strange story – on the face of it, nothing to do with Christmas, but in a strange way it is.   Maybe you know it already, but I didn't. (Bible – Judges 13 – if you're interested).   And this Rembrandt's a strange painting too – all the stranger, for disagreeing with the story as told above... but more of that later.     Manoah's Wife's Story   I never heard him come – in an instant, he was here The Stranger, with his message.   He declined our food and drink and refused to say his name. I would not understand   but knew and bowed my head. When I looked up again to try to learn some more   he was no longer there. I never heard him go The Stranger, with his message.     An unnamed infertile woman is visited by a stranger, also an unnamed person, who turns out to be one of those strange creatures identified as angels. A second strange encounter follows, this time including her husband (who does have a name) endi