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Gray's Anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy Descriptive and Applied  34th Edition 1968 Begin at the beginning, with the fertilised cell from which originate all tissues and organs. Biblical, it lies open at the lesson for today, revealing that which is contained within to whomsoever would study this still life. My finger glides across the glazed page following vessels of red and blue, criss-crossing in their travels.  Tributaries may be traced like roads or rivers, with accompanying prose – for it is preceded near its insertion by the second, or first and second, perforating arteries. Light streams down its old familiar course to pour upon a clean tiled floor.  No dust here. Porcelain gleams, steel shines, even the page reflects.  Little chained grapples draw back tissues to display the obscured – if not otherwise clear there are figures and diagrams, photos and pictures offering views from every angle. Here you see both hind and midbrain from the postero-lateral