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Of the making of books, there is no end

Yet another little poetry book! They keep coming…   But when it’s your own – now that’s a different matter. And what a matter it is – to realise that a publisher has sufficient confidence in what you’ve written to print it. So here I am, holding an admittedly very slim volume of poems with my name on it! Sorry to sound so breathless, but it is exciting, and the journey’s been interesting – with some unexpected experiences and encounters I’d like to share. To start with, I’d thought that poetry publishers would be earnest people, to say the least, if not somewhat intimidating.   Surely you’d have to be, when dealing with distinguished poets, along with pipsqueaks like me, deciding what and who to take on, critically assessing and (inevitably) declining so much poetry. I know that Ronnie and Dawn at Indigo Dreams are seasoned publishers, I'm sure quite capable of being serious, but I was met with the warmest of welcomes, the broadest of smiles. And it went o