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A Thoughtful Body

  I’m a thoughtful body, you can see dear skull – you were once joined up like me, recognised and speaking.  Now not a trace of all that made your well-known face – no flesh, no skin, no lips or tongue, no lungs or breath to sing a song – no eyes to see, no ears to hear – although you cannot shed a tear can you tell me what’s to come?   Dear alter ego, I am dumb as you remarked.  What can I know, a disconnected skull?  So, live in the present, which is where you find yourself, and do not care about the future.  What I heard said came from inside my empty head – but I think I can’t think that I heard since I can’t hear or say a single word.     Halloween – the time of year for skeletons. Strictly speaking, Hallowe’en – Hallows’ Even or Hallows’ Evening – is October 31 st , the eve of the All Hallows’ Day, and we’re now into November.  But the festival, if that’s the right word, of Allhallowtide runs for three days.  Here then, with no apology,