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Return of the Green Man

His wound-up crozier straightens out tightened springs unwind, releasing frondy fingers first, tipped with soft new nails followed by stalk of hand and wrist then un-stretched arcs of bramble arms thrown out to grasp and root. Keratin hardens, new limbs grow stronger from the making. He emerges phloem fed, hydrated by xylem strong-armed in lignin. Rib circled he inspires, his inflating body ready to break its bonds swollen with fresh projections. Leaves sprout from every crack jostling. They are drawn forth these unsuspected members to find themselves full of purpose and unruly. Renewed man is almost ready to take his leave once more, once he has learned to walk and take stock. Firmly rooted multi-limbed he advances when you’re not looking implanting his staff afresh he leaves the last one, leading the way to his rightful place through irrepressible growth. There are lots of Green Men – so ma